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Episode 4 Extras: Joee Patterson's Adventures in Antarctica

In Episode 4, marine technician, able sailor, and cool-job-chaser Joee Patterson tells us what it’s like to be aboard a research vessel in Antarctica and to be running Zodiacs in the middle of the southern ocean. She enjoys the space for contemplation that long ocean passages afford, but I’ll also have you know she’s very fun to sail a dinghy with.

Here are some pictures of Joee doing what she does. Thanks for listening to The Water Society, and never miss an episode. Subscribe to the newsletter, which lets you know when a new one is released.

Joee in Antarctica.

Joee sailing her family's boat, Elaine, in the Hodgepodge Sailing Club. Joee and friends in the Rockland, Maine area started a Friday social club during 2020 that was perfect for the pandemic: Hodgepodge Sailing Club. People brought the boats they had and tore it up.

Joee aloft.

Joee diving.

Joee christening her family's boat, Elaine, in 2012.

Joee and her husband, Tim, as their cartoon selves working aboard Charles W. Morgan.

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